BOART & WIRE offers an efficient and punctual service level branched throughout the entire world.

The highly qualified staff is constantly updating and is able to satisfy the specific needs of each customer offering a targeted advice in order to use the entire range of products at its best. BOART & WIRE's technicians support their customers in the delicate stages of cut and process so they can make the most of the product’s performance.

Moreover, they offer a training service to make customer able to act on its own in successive processing steps.


Research and development are the guiding principles of BOART & WIRE.

For this purpose a dedicated Research & Development division has been created inside our headquarter; R&D work allows combining the technological innovation with the highest quality of raw materials and processing by which we reach highest standard of efficiency and effectiveness in the cutting of stone materials.

The wide range of products, continuous innovation and customer service allow BOART & WIRE to establish itself in the industry with reliability qualification and unique and successful tailor made proposal.