BOART&WIRE: a stake in D.WIRE is Italy’s response to international market players in the production of natural stone cutting tools

BOART&WIRE S.r.l., a Vicenza-based company that has operated for twenty years in the design, production and sale of stone cutting tools, has become a worldwide point of reference. In addition to its head office in Fara (VI), which employs around 215 people, the company has branches in Brazil India, and Taiwan. Its diamond wires, designed and produced in Italy, are fitted on stone cutting machines in over 60 countries throughout the world, generating a turnover figure that surpassed 48 million Euros at the end of 2022, consolidated with a 7% increase from the previous year, which in turn, had already been a period of significant growth.

The stone cutting tool production sector is in the hands of a small number of international businesses, based mainly in Europe and Asia, which have come up against a young, dynamic Italian enterprise that set its sights high from the very start, striving for innovative excellence (currently producing diamond wires with 4.3 mm diameter pearls) and focusing on the working relationship built up with its clientele.

“We realised, from the outset, that guaranteed cut quality and the ability to adapt our tools to the customers’ specific needs were the elements that set us apart and secured our market share worldwide” states Antonio Bidese, CEO at Boart&Wire. “An ongoing challenge, to strengthen and consolidate the aspects that have brought us success and distinguished the company up to now”.

A challenge, in fact, at a worldwide scale, involving research, innovation, quality and above all … people. “From day to day we deal with markets and competitors belonging to important international groups. Innovation, strategy and organisation are the cornerstones that enable us to tackle new challenges, focusing constantly on the “people” involved: from designers to production workers and office staff to area managers, backed up by agents and dealers, branch officer managers to the company management… we, like no other, know how to build up a real, lasting relationship with our customers” adds Bidese.

The challenge in this sector lies in the ability to offer worldwide customers a full range of products and services that reflect the ever-changing needs arising in this area.

In this way, the development models adopted by BOART&WIRE discovered qualities that mirrored its own in a young, dynamic Italian company based in Massa, D.WIRE  S.r.l. A powerful, collaborative vision was accompanied, from the outset, by the intention on the part of both companies, each with its own independent brand framework, to consolidate their international market share, offering customers the best service and technology available.

This vision was put into effect with the acquisition on the part of BOART&WIRE of a stake in the D.WIRE  company, which has stood out in the market over the last few years as an enterprise that shares it values with BOART&WIRE: strong emphasis on the personal aspect in customer relations, quality standards that meet the requirements of the sector, service focused on full customer satisfaction. Thanks to these qualities, D. WIRE, which brought 2022 to a close with a turnover figure of 8.5 million Euros, increasing by 10%, has earned itself a place in important reference markets such as the Iberian Peninsula (controlled by D WIRE IBERICA LDA), India and Italy.

“We are delighted that an Italian company as important and influential as BOART&WIRE has considered us as a potential working partner in the development of our respective brands. We believe that for companies, which share the same market strategies and objectives, joining forces represents the only driving force capable of tackling the worldwide challenges prevalent globally in our sector” points out Gianluca Bogazzi CEO and chairperson of D.WIRE , who will continue to hold an important, authoritative stake in the company.

The essence of this operation has therefore been clear right from the start: BOART&WIRE and D.WIRE  will both act independently at a commercial level, the product – as well as the service – will continue to distinguish the two companies, as it always has up to now, and customers will continue to recognise them as distinct enterprises.

“Our stake in D.WIRE  will enable both companies to offer their customers solutions based on teamwork that are increasingly comprehensive, innovative and professional” concludes Bidese. 

Basically, this is a new challenge, an all-Italian challenge, to be faced by the other international market players.

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